Gatsby Garden Party

On Sunday I attended a 1920’s Gatsby themed garden party at Spadina House in Toronto with the lovely Leelando Calrissian!  We had a fabulous time getting all dolled up in our 1920s attire and lounging on the beautiful lawn behind the historical mansion.  There were more amazing outfits than you could imagine, some real 1920s vintage, others simply inspired or reproduction.  The women were decked out in lace, pearls, bias-cut frocks, cloche hats, beaded bags, with many gorgeous parasols scattered throughout the crowd.  The men adorned themselves with boater hats, suspenders, linen suits, sock garters, spats with many pocket watches on fobs.  Live bands roared with jazz on the main stage and small groups played the ukulele at the garage stage.  The main event was the fashion parade and costume contest with prizes from Malabar, Aviv restaurant and the Rose Emporium.  Leelando and I were very jealous of the grand prize winner who will be receiving 2 dozen fresh cut roses every month for the next year for winning!  Please enjoy my photos from the Gatsby Garden Party!

2014-06-22 03.34.43

2014-06-22 01.06.52
Leeland looking regal at Spadina House
2014-06-22 01.08.28
Gorgeous Gatsby Gals!

2014-06-22 01.13.44

2014-06-22 01.25.23

2014-06-22 01.26.23
Croquet anyone?
2014-06-22 01.27.01
Authentic 1920s gown!
2014-06-22 01.29.13
These ladies were simply divine and playing a round of badminton!
2014-06-22 01.32.01
The swinging band!
2014-06-22 01.38.44
This chap had an amazing pair of sock garters!
2014-06-22 02.17.35
Yep, we ordered a pizza.
2014-06-22 03.11.16
Fashion parade!
2014-06-22 03.13.01
More fashion paraders
2014-06-22 03.13.45
Slacks on a woman? How modern!
2014-06-22 03.31.10
Costume Contest winners!

2014-06-22 01.30.02

2014-06-22 01.30.19


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