Bunny Yeager

On Sunday May 25th 2014 at age 85 legendary pinup model and photographer Bunny Yeager passed away. 

Being a pinup model herself for many years Bunny Yeager had a unique perspective as a pinup photographer.  Many of the models she photographed enjoyed working with her because, as a woman, she would not exploit them or make them feel uncomfortable during shoots.  In 1954 she met Bettie Page and took many of her most popular photos during their time together including the jungle shoot featuring exotic live animals.  Bunny, like Bettie, was a seamstress and  designed and created many of the bikinis featured by models in her photographs.  Bunny was also the original queen of the selfie!  In 1964 Bunny turned her series of self-portraits into a book called, “How I Photography Myself”.  She released many more books of her photography during her lifetime and had her work displayed in galleries world-wide.

Bunny is an inspiration to any woman working in a male-dominated field.  She was bold, brave and talented beyond belief.  We have truly lost one of the great legends, but her spirit will live on eternally in her photographs.





Bunny Yeager with Her Cameras (4)

bunny yeager




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