Game Of Thrones Exhibit

On Sunday, my best gal pals and I ventured to the world of Westeros at the Game of Thrones Exhibit! 

As a cosplayer and a costume lover I absolutely adore getting to see costumes from television and film up close.  The costumes from Game of Thrones are especially exciting because they are not only worn by characters I love, but there is also so much detail you miss when viewing the show.  These costumes are so beautifully created, whether it’s the rich textured and embroidered outfits of the royals or the muddy, worn and ragged clothing of those traveling through rough terrain.  I took a lot of photos from this exhibit to share with you!

2014-05-18 05.01.06

We have claimed the Iron Throne!

2014-05-18 03.53.57

Cersei Lannister

2014-05-18 03.54.54

Margaery Tyrell’s Wedding Dress

2014-05-18 03.54.42

The rosettes on the train of this gown are extraordinary!

2014-05-18 03.55.53

Prince Oberyn Martell

2014-05-18 03.56.16

Sansa Stark’s Wedding Dress

2014-05-18 03.56.21

I love the hip plates and embroidery on this gown. It’s definitely an outfit I’d love to recreate one day.

2014-05-18 03.57.01

Tyrion Lannister

2014-05-18 03.57.50

Brienne of Tarth

2014-05-18 03.57.53

Jamie Lannister

2014-05-18 03.58.17

Brittany and I love Brienne and Jamie!

2014-05-18 03.58.41

Jamie’s Hand!

2014-05-18 04.00.50

Some of the jewelry, including Sansa’s necklace.

2014-05-18 04.01.36

Ser Davos Seaworth

2014-05-18 04.01.42

Stannis Baratheon

2014-05-18 04.02.00


2014-05-18 04.04.51

Arya Stark and The Hound

2014-05-18 04.08.47

Sam with Hodor!

2014-05-18 04.08.57

The Three Eyed Raven

2014-05-18 04.09.26

Some of the Wildling’s weaponry as well as Commander Mormont’s Skull

2014-05-18 04.10.07

Ygritte and Jon Snow

2014-05-18 04.10.58

Daenerys Targaryen

2014-05-18 04.12.19

The fabric details on Danny’s dresses are so lovely! I also like the back cut out on this dress.

2014-05-18 04.12.27

2/3 Dragon Eggs

2014-05-18 04.14.42

I’m clearly on team Lannister!

2014-05-18 04.15.22

Laura does not sow! Team Greyjoy.

2014-05-18 04.16.44

Sam Stark!

2014-05-18 04.17.34

Brittany is no bastard of Bolton!

2014-05-18 04.19.08

Poor Greywind!

2014-05-18 04.19.34

Oh no! Dragon attack!

2014-05-18 04.20.01

Sam’s not scared!

2014-05-18 04.20.10

Laura rawrs in the face of dragons!

2014-05-18 04.23.57

I loved looking at the storyboards for one of my favourite scenes from the show!

2014-05-18 04.59.41

2014-05-18 05.00.05

2014-05-18 05.00.13

2014-05-18 05.00.18

2014-05-18 05.00.31

I was born to sit the Iron Throne!



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