Photoshoot with Tess Munster

I was lucky enough to spend my Easter Sunday with the gorgeous plus size model Tess Munster!  

When I found out Tess was coming to Toronto I immediately booked a spot in her photography workshop with legendary pin-up photographer Dana Brushette.  Obviously, I had to make a brand new outfit for this photoshoot, which is also part of a costume for a new burlesque act I will be premiering at the Peepshow Clipshow on May 3rd.   You can see a small proof from my session below.  I’m very excited to get the finished shots back to share with you.

Tess was the absolute sweetest, very encouraging to all the models and such a fun presence to be around.  I think everyone who went to the workshop had a blast just being near this radiant woman.  I was also thrilled to meet Dana, whose work I have admired for a long time.  I hope to have the chance to work with both these amazing women again!





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