Fifty Shades of Red (Actually Just Three)

It’s time for another edition of DOLLY’S FAVOURITE THINGS!!!

Anyways, this is my lovely post about my favourite lipsticks!  For me lipstick is like the cherry on top of a look.  It’s not 100% necessary but it takes what could be a simple outfit and makes it extra yummy.  I pretty much wear one of these three lipsticks every day.  This photo doesn’t really do them justice, especially since the difference in shade is very subtle.  I also mostly wear longwear lipsticks, which I find more practical because they don’t rub off.

Lime Crime “Red Velvet”, MAC “Russian Red”, MAC Pro Longwear “Lasting Lust”

Lime Crime – Red Velvet

After hearing many excellent things about Lime Crime I finally decided to try out their Velvetine Lipsticks and bought both Red Velvet (pictured above) and Pink Velvet.  These are longwear lipsticks and they go on very wet but dry to a matte finish.  Red Velvet is such a lovely rich, deep red and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it.  My only qualms with this lipstick are; A) if you have dry or cracked lips this stuff will just sit on top instead of either adding moisture, like a regular lipstick would, or covering up, like other longwear lipsticks do.  And B) it does smudge when wet, so if you are eating (or making out) expect it to get all over your face (and someone else’s).

MAC – Russian Red

This lipstick is the quintessential red lipstick that every girl should own.  Dita Von Teese totes this one around too, so you know it must be good!  It’s a bold, matte, shade that falls somewhere between Cherry red and Blood red on the red-spectrum.  This is a regular lipstick, and because of that I wear it much less than my other favourite lipsticks.  But it is just too beautiful not to pull out when you’re feeling extra glamourous.

MAC Pro Longwear – Lasting Lust

This is my absolute favourite and most used lipstick.  Not only is this lipstick the perfect Cherry red, it also goes on really easily and stays on all day and all night long.  I will warn you though, if you put this lipstick on incorrectly it can do some strange things.  The proper way to apply MAC Pro Longwear Lipstick it to put ONE generous coat on your lips and then let them dry, preferably for a good 5 minutes.  It needs to be really dry before you put the top coat on.  Sometimes I skip the top coat all together, but it does feel very dry if you do that.  If you put the top coat on while the lipstick is setting it will not dry properly and will feel crumbly and strange on your lips.  Also if you put on a thick coat and then later add another thick coat you will get the same crumbly effect.  After eating or at the end of a long day you will notice it fading slightly.  It is ok to reapply if the coat is very thin but usually I will take it off completely and reapply a fresh coat.


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