Valley of the Dolls: Hope & Loretta

Hope Nicholson and Loretta Jean; two powerful ladies with looks that could kill.

Hope is a woman who wears many hats as an editor, researcher, producer, publisher, writer and owner of Bedside Press.  She recently put out an anthology of comics and prose from nerdy gals called Secret Loves of Geek Girls that features work from Canadian literary treasure Margaret Atwood.  Another contributor to Secret Loves of Geek Girls is Loretta Jean.

Loretta is an equally busy lady who is pursuing her PhD in performance studies with a focus on Nerdlesque.  When she is not nose-deep in the books, Loretta is performing and producing as one third of the Nerd Girl Burlesque troupe.  Recently the Nerd Girls were featured in the Toronto Star in an amazing article about the Nerdlesque phenomenon.

These two intelligent, beautiful women are an inspiration.  They are successfully pursing their passions and proving the power a woman can wield.

Hair by Natasha Kaye
Makeup by Gail Roberts
Photos by Dolly Shots Photography



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